Reduced prices for pet registration

The City of Casey will be dropping its pet registration fees to just $5 for five days between 15 to 19 July. Picture: UNSPLASH, ANDREW S.

Between Monday 15 July and Friday 19 July, the City of Casey’s pet registration fees will be capped at a heavily discounted rate of $5.

While the offer applies to online registrations only, Casey’s chair of administrators, Noelene Duff PSM said that the fees from pet registration help with a wide range of services, including assisting to reunite pets with owners if lost.

“[Also] education programs on responsible pet ownership including road shows and events, our Maternal and Child Health Centre’s ‘We Are Family’ program, and education in school on safety around animals,” Ms Duff said.

The city currently has approximately 37,000 registered cats and dogs, with rates for dogs and cats who have been desexed normally sitting at $50, and $25 for pensioners.

Dogs that have not been desexed however would usually have a full fee of $222, with $111 for pensioners; puppies under six months have a full fee of $111 while it sits at $55.50 for pensioners.

According to law, all cats and dogs over three months of age must be registered with the council, with Ms Duff adding that “the fees also help Council to investigate puppy farms, dog attacks and prosecute offending owners.”

For more information and to register your pet, visit