Hope springs for gardeners

Vegie beds at the Endeavour Hills community garden. 252045_02 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

By Cam Lucadou-Wells

Green-thumbs are bursting to tend their locked-down community gardens during a bumper Spring season.

Berwick Neighbourhood Centre manager Kim Peterson has been planting seeds for summer-vegies and 100 dwarf sunflowers at home, in the hope that Covid restrictions soon lift at the centre’s community garden.

The seedlings will be planted in community gardens at the centre and at the Endeavour Hills Neighbourhood Centre’s community centre.

Ms Peterson has labelled the project as “‘planting the seeds to bring our community back together”

“It’s a feel-good vibe which hopefully adds a bit of brightness.

“Knowing the story of the sunflower which turns towards the sun when it is out but when the clouds come the sunflowers turn towards each other, we have kept this in mind.

“Noting that our community is like sunflowers when the clouds come turn towards your community centre and we will be there for you.”

During lockdown, the Berwick community garden has been allowed to harvest and supply fresh vegies to ADRA Café in Casey for people in need.

In the meantime, the gardeners have kept in touch on a What’s App group and online sessions.

“People are hanging to get back to their gardens. There’s a desperate need and a lot of people who are keen to join and get involved.

“Hopefully we can do that again soon – with masks and social distancing.”