Healthy marriage, healthy nation

Suresh Chandra with his guide to a healthy marriage.

By Cam Lucadou-Wells

Marriage celebrant and life coach Suresh Chandra says marriage is not his profession but his passion.

Mr Chandra, 75, of Endeavour Hills, has released a book ‘Are You Interested in Marriage and Family?’ out of his belief in the “marriage institution”.

“I believe a happy marriage adds value to the family, community and is an asset to a country.

“It is this belief in the marriage institution that I have written this book and hope it will add value to people’s lives.”

Mr Chandra, who’s been married to his wife for 52 years, has conducted more than 800 marriages.

As a Justice of the Peace, he’s also signed affadavits for couples seeking divorce.

There’s a lack of education about how to live a marriage, he says.

“I was completely awed that most young people today have no idea of day to day married life.

“Young couples with beautiful families which could be an asset to the country being torn apart by divorce.”

His book states what to look for in a prospective partner, how to use your words, how to respect each other and the importance of family.

“No one, neither priests, parents or teachers talk or discuss this very important subject and reality of marriage.”

Chandra wrote his book during Covid lockdown – a stressful time that broke many families.

“It was a shocking thing to be locked up in the house because we’re outdoor people. You could see things triggered by it.

“As a human, there’s no answer to it – you have to cop it.”

There are values that partners must live by, he says. Such as, to look after and cherish one another in good times and bad.

“Their children look at how the mother and father respect each other.”

‘Are You Interested in Marriage and Family?’ is available on Amazon, Booktopia, bookshops as well as