Generosity at festival fundraiser

The Most Venerable Sudhep Nan, Abbot of Wat Buddharangsi Melbourne, pictured centre, in front of a relaying tray of monk's robes.

Nearly $60,000 was raised at the celebratory Kathin Festival at Wat Buddharangsi temple in Springvale South.

Hundreds attended, and hundreds more donated to the cause at the festival on 4 and 5 November.

Festival leader Thayhorn Yim said the festival was a “unique Buddhist ceremony”, which raised funds to support the temple’s monks.

“Religiously, the venerable monks would make then donate back to the monastery.”

About $47,400 will be donated back towards building a monastery at the site.

Mr Yim thanked the teams of cooks and helpers as well as the Chhaiyam Group that “made the celebration so exciting and meaningful”.