Deliver joy to locals

Alysha (left) from Connected Libraries and Judy from Andrews Centre are encouraging residents to donate any non-perishable item to support locals in need. Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS 375492_01

Connected Libraries has launched a program called Deliver Joy to support locals in need to get through Christmas.

Residents are encouraged to donate non-perishable items, toiletries, and unwrapped tops and drop them off at the local library.

The library will support five local charities with the donation.

Connected Libraries chief executive officer Beth Luppino said the library was thrilled to support five very well deserving local charities this year as part of the Deliver Joy campaign.

“Many of these charities we have been supporting for years so if you are able please get behind this campaign,” she said.

“We do not charge overdue fines however if you have lost or damaged item and make a donation to one of the five charities we are supporting then we will waive any charges.”