Looking Back


100 years ago

21 February 1924

Local Motor Industry

The Park Garage

The large garage being built in Pultney Street Dandenong will be able to accommodate 24 cars. This firm are local agents for Dodge cars, Republic motor trucks, Harley Davidson and Triumph Motor Bikes and Austral kerosene engines.

Millett’s Railway Garage

The firm has the local agency for well known motor cars and motorcycles including the Fiat, Oakland Six, and Ford cars, vans and wagons. This firm is also noted for its excellent car hire services near the station as a factor in their success.

McQuade’s Motor Depot

Mr McQuade is the Dandenong agent for the Nash Car, and he stocks all parts for Ford Cars and 1-ton trucks. The car hire services at this depot has made a name for itself, both as to quality of cars and capability of drivers.

Blain Bros’ Garage

The above old established garage is the local agent for Buick cars, Indian Motorcycles and Douglas motorcycles. Blain Bros have installed in front of their premises the only petrol bowser on the kerb in the town.

50 years ago

20 February 1974

Fluoridation backed by Council

Dandenong councillors have agreed unanimously that the city’s water supply should be fluoridated to protect children’s teeth. “Australia has the worst record for dental health in the world,” said Cr Titcher. “We already have one part of fluoride to ten million in Melbourne’s water supply. This should be increased ten times to bring it up to standard.” As a pharmacist, he had taken extreme overdoses to prove to himself the safety of fluoride before introducing the recommended level to his own children. “My children’s teeth are now in perfect condition,” he said.

20 years ago

16 February 2004

Teachers snub ALP MP

Teachers campaigning for a better pay offer snubbed Mulgrave Labor MP Daniel Andrews during a visit to Noble Park’s Carwatha College to present awards on Thursday morning. About 25 teachers held a rally outside the school. Mr Andrews described the action as “pretty much a non-event”, but he “fully supported” the teachers right to protest.

5 years ago

18 February 2019

Old Woman Robbed

A 63-year-old women has been robbed of $1000 cash and her phone by a preying bag snatcher who fled in a stolen car in Springvale. As she started to cross St Johns Avenue about 2.45pm on Monday 11 February, the robber ran up behind her and snatched her bag. He fled into a white 2013 Mercedes Benz A2 sedan with four others inside. The victim was uninjured during the robbery. The escape vehicle was believed to have been stolen with three other cars during a residential aggravated burglary in Keysborough on Friday 8 February. Between 4am and 5.40am intruders stole keys from a bowl inside a home on Donnici Drive. The burglars then entered the garage stealing three vehicles inside and one vehicle outside. A 19-year-old man was arrested on Sunday 10 February in relation to the aggravated burglary.

Compiled by Dandenong & District Historical Society