Bowling greens and blues

Rob Weller, Rebecca Brodie (sister of Tiffany, the bowler depicted in the mural), Grace , club outdoor president Gloria Munro, president Noel Daly and artist Adrian Olguin. 389374_02 Picture: ROB CAREW

Young painters have made the final brushstrokes on a stupendous mural at Keysborough Kookaburras Bowls Club.

Over consecutive Saturdays, the youngsters put the finishing touches to the mural designed by Keysborough artist and graphic designer Adrian Olguin.

At the painting’s forefront is the club’s young bowler Tiffany Brodie watched on by local wildlife and a row of singers in a kookaburra-like chorus on a park bench.

The pixels on the outer sides of the painting is a depiction of today’s modern age, Olguin recently told Star Journal.

“The pixel agent speaks to the digital age we’re in and obviously transitions into a more natural feel of the area and the club.

“Back in the day there were 70 to 80 year olds playing, whereas today, it’s more modern where you have players of all ages.”

Mr Olguin said his passion for art started off when he was 16 years old.

“I was very interested in graffiti at the time, as every kid was, so that kind of evolved into painting, having something a little bit more artistic.”

Olguin also teamed on what was dubbed as the ‘largest legal graffiti in the world’ when he brightened up the Springvale underpass wall.

He next hopes to paint a larger mural on the outer wall of the club, which faces the Rowley Allan Reserve and the traffic on Cheltenham Road.