Beware the ‘idles’ of March

St Anthony's students Zarce 5, Aayansh 5, Aanika 8, Evelyn 9, and Levi, 9 with guardians Angelica, Gita, Bindhu and Luisa for a lap of the oval. 395855_02 Photo by Ljubica Vrankovic

Students at St Anthony’s Primary School are keeping their eyes on the prize as part of this month’s ‘Get Active, Get Moving in March’ challenge.

During the month, the school House Captains have been encouraging the students to walk around the oval for at least 10 minutes every day.

For each lap, the student gets one stick. By the end of March, the student with the most sticks will win a prize.

The Greater Dandenong Council initiative is aimed at getting children on the move.

“By walking, cycling or scooting to school you help get your body and brain moving for the day ahead,” mayor Lana Formoso said.

“Physical activity is not just good for the body, but it also supports concentration in the classroom and improved learning outcomes.

“This campaign was created by school students through our Children’s Advisory Committee and it is wonderful to see schools signing up to join in.”

The most active schools are in the running for trophys, a ‘bounce’ voucher and sport equipment.

The winning student will get a scooter.