Looking Back

Noble Park resident Dawn Vernon next to a controversial bike lane on Corrigan Road in 2019. 195514_02 Picture: CAM LUCADOU-WELLS

100 years ago

17 July 1924

Dandenong Market

Injunction obtained against Council

An interesting stage of the proceedings in conjunction with the removal of the Dandenong market yards to the Showground site was reached, when the Dandenong Shire council was served with an interim injunction preventing the council from accepting any tenders or from entering into any contract for buildings for establishing of cattle sale yards at the corner of Clow and Cleeland-streets, Dandenong, without the consent of the Commission of Health. A lengthy affidavit by Cr Tharle was read, setting out the whole of the circumstances leading up to the calling of tenders. The latter part of the affidavit stated: the majority of the council was aware of the strong public opposition to the site. The injunction was granted and made returnable for argument on 28th July,

50 years ago

16 July 1974

‘Bloody Outrageous!’ Agents lash rise in fees

The decision by Dandenong Council to raise fees at both the produce and stock markets from September 1 was described yesterday as “bloody outrageous.” The secretary of the Dandenong Stock Agents’ Association said: “The poor old farmer will be hit left, right and centre again. It is not the butcher or the customers who suffer, it’s the primary producers. At the moment, stock prices are down as low as they’ve been for a long time, particularly because of the lack of exports to America, Japan and England. For a bullock, the farmer was getting $500 last year, the top price for the same animal this week was $178.50. I realise that the council has soaring costs too, but what about the primary producer who is getting knock after knock?”

20 years ago

19 July 2004

Cyclone wreck found

Tracey Riddle Solved

A boat built in Dandenong that sank with a local man on board has been discovered 30 years after the massive storm devastated Darwin. Divers last month discovered the wreck of the Darwin Princess – a 23-metre steel ferry built by Dandenong identity Max Curtain – at the bottom of Darwin Harbour. It’s believed that Mr Curtain’s son, Ray, 28 took the Darwin Princess out to sea on Christmas Eve to ride out the storm. Mr Curtain, who owned and operated the now defunct Wedge swimming pool in Dandenong, said the discovery of the Princess had solved a 30-year mystery. He hoped it would bring closure to the family with some sort of closure over the disappearance of his son.

5 years ago

16 July 2019

Traffic not calm

A traffic calming solution on Corrigan Road Noble Park has certainly got drivers feeling hot under the collar.,Greater Dandenong’s on-road bicycle lanes between Cheltenham and Lightwood Roads have put councillors at odds and distressed a mass of nearby residents. Councillor Tim Dark has vowed to act against the “absolute mess.” He will seek the other councillors support to remove the road’s markings that have narrowed it into a single lane each way. In the other corner, mayor Roz Blades says the council is making a renewed effort to educate residents on how to negotiate the road.,Resident Dawn Vernon said the bike lane frequently interspersed with bus stops, car-parking bays left turning lanes for cars, was unsafe. “I would urge anyone that thinks that it is a good idea to ride a bike or even walk along that stretch of road.”

Compiled by Dandenong & District Historical Society