Colours alight Silk’s canvas

Molica Silk launches her first exhibition at Noble Park Community Centre. (Stewart Chambers 417097_06)

Young artist Molica Silk has announced her world of bright, vivid colour in her debut exhibition at Noble Park Community Centre.

In front of a packed gallery, Silk launched her project My Half Brain on Friday 5 July. Born in Melbourne, she has been treated with two major brain surgeries to stop a severe form of epilepsy.

As a result, Silk lives with only half a functioning brain, half peripheral vision, and other complex needs.

Despite these challenges, Silk has always longed to express her artistic, colourful talents. She has combined many small pieces to create unique and striking works of art with her natural sense of colours.

Her works combine with her novel experiences, such as her recent travels to Sydney to witness the New Year festivities and fireworks.

Silk was quite taken by the beauty of the Sydney Opera House, a source of inspiration she used for one of her pieces of art, which is illuminated by a bright and vivid colour palette.

At several Noble Park Community Centre Art Shows, Silk has been nominated for numerous awards.

In 2018, she received the Club Noble Park 1st Prize (Junior Secondary), and in 2022, she was runner-up in the same category.

Her first solo exhibition was on display at East Melbourne Library in February and March.

It was on the back of this that Molica was able to launch this new exhibition at the Noble Park Community Centre.

My Half Brain is at the Noble Park Community Centre until 16 August.