Budget adopted

The City of Casey has adopted a suite of strategic documents, including its 2022/23 budget and annual action plan 2022/23.

Together, these documents outline how the council will invest in the city’s future while connecting its communities.

Following a four-week public exhibition period, the council adopted the following documents at a special council meeting held Monday 27 June: council plan 2021-25 – year two review, annual action plan 2022/23, financial plan 2022/23 which includes the budget 2022/23, the 10-year financial plan and the capital works program 2022/23.

This year’s budget totals $558.64 million, with a $433.19 million operational budget and a $125.45 million capital works program.

This includes a major focus on the allocation of funds towards completing a significant number of in-flight capital works projects, in line with existing planning arrangements.

The budget 2022/23 balances the needs and expectations of the community, while addressing the financial constraints and challenges brought about, amongst other factors, by State Government mandated landfill levy increases, a 1.75 per cent rates-cap, plus the economic effects of Covid-19 disruptions.

City of Casey Chair of Administrators Noelene Duff thanked those residents who took the time to consider and provide input into the suite of documents.

“We’d like to thank those in the community who made use of the opportunity to review and provide feedback on the suite of strategic documents during the public exhibition period. Direct input from residents, and representatives from Casey-based businesses and organisations is an integral part of what is a complex and rigorous process,” Ms Duff said.

“The budget sees another significant investment in the Capital Works Program, demonstrating the council’s commitment to providing the community with the services and infrastructure it needs, within the constraints of tighter economic realities.

“This year’s capital works program will see an emphasis on the finalisation of some large-scale projects, as well as our continued focus on the renewal of existing infrastructure.

Through the budget 2022/23, the council is allocating $42 million towards child, youth and family services, $51 million towards waste management, $22 million towards community connections and health and wellbeing, $19 million toward road maintenance and $12 million towards sports and leisure.

And through the council’s capital works program, the council is directing $29.1 million into roads, $4.5 million into footpaths and cycleways, $10.8 million into drainage, $50.1 million into recreational, leisure and community facilities, $4.6 million into parks, open space and streetscapes and $12 million investment into business and digital transformation to improve our customers’ experience.

Some of the key projects to be completed with funding allocated over the next 12 months include $4.7 million for the Clyde North Family and Community Centre (West), $4.6 million for the renewal of playgrounds across the municipality, $3.5 million for the construction of a new family and community centre in Clyde, $3.2 million for storm water harvesting at Max Pawsey Reserve, $2.0 million for the construction of Cranbourne West Sports Reserve (Lochaven), $1.2 million for the Botanic Ridge Soccer/Cricket Reserve, $0.7 million for a new tennis pavilion at Max Pawsey Reserve and $0.5 million for the resurfacing of the Robert Booth Reserve tennis courts.

City of Casey chief executive Glenn Patterson also thanked the community and reiterated the council’s commitment to providing the community with the services and infrastructure it needs.

“The council is focused on completing our in-flight capital works projects, including several major recreation reserve developments, vital family and community facilities and much needed drainage infrastructure that will prepare Casey for the future,” Mr Patterson said.

“Together these will deliver significant value to the community, supporting positive health, lifestyle and employment outcomes.”

To find out more about the budget 2022/23 and the suite of strategic documents, visit the City of Casey website.