Meet the Yarraman Ward candidate – MELINDA YIM

Melinda Yim


Suburb of residence: Noble Park.

How long have you lived in Greater Dandenong? 27 years, 28 in September.

Political party (past or present): No party past or present.

Occupation, business/employer name: Quality Assurance Associate at a Pharmaceutical in Dandenong South.

Property interests: A property in Keysborough.

Business interests: None.

Three most important issues for your ward (in 50 words or less)?

A safer community with less crime, with cleaner and greener streets. Upgrading our facilities to have more and better accessibility for our elderly and disabled community members. Equal and more opportunities for all community members. I will endeavour to do my best to improve our ward and community.

Describe your involvement in the local community (in 50 words or less):

I have volunteered and assisted with a local Buddhist community doing translation work. Although my involvement is not as extensive, I am going to involve myself more in the community. I hope to become a council member that is actively involved in our community.

Why are you standing for election?

I think it would be a great opportunity to bring a new younger perspective to the council. I hope to bring effective change for our community for old, young, disabled and able-bodied community members.

What is your campaign budget? No budget at the moment.

Who are your campaign donors? How much have each contributed? No donors at present.

What councillors, ex-councillors, MPs or ex-MPs have assisted or advised your campaign? No advice or assistance at present but welcome to any.

Who will you direct your preferences to? I would please like to asks voters to give me their first preference, vote [1] for Melinda Yim. I am not sure yet about my other preferences as I’ve only briefly met two other candidates. Would love to speak to other candidates to better understand what they stand for and know them.


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