Meet the Yarraman Ward candidate – AHMED SHUKRI

Ahmed Shukri.


Suburb of residence: Noble Park North

How long have you lived in Greater Dandenong? 29years

Political party (past or present): No Affiliations

Occupation, business/employer name: Business Consultant

Property interests: None

Business interests: None

Three most important issues for your ward (in 50 words or less)?

I will be a strong and independent voice for the Yarraman ward regarding:

1. Strategy and transparency on rooming houses in the Dandenong West area.

2. Fight the planned exit and privatization of age care and homecare services by the current council scheduled for June 2024.

3. Better support services for local sporting community groups, sports teams and local businesses.

Describe your involvement in the local community (in 50 words or less):

As a returning candidate in the Yarraman ward,I have been an active volunteer and community mobiliser. Am the Founding director at Victorian Youth Support Services Association (VYSSA) an outreach mentoring & support focused youth organization for disadvantaged youth and South Eastern United Soccer (popularly known as South Eastern Panthers FC). Launched the first African Australian Students Learning Support Pilot Program with Lyndale Secondary College. Executive member African Australian Leadership Forum and ordinary member of SMRC.

Why are you standing for election?

I am rerunning for local council to actively contribute to the betterment of our communities by addressing issues and areas in:

1. Passion for change and public service (council) – A commitment and genuine desire to improve education, healthcare, infrastructure, or environmental outcomes for our residents.

2. Representation: I believe in the importance of diverse representation in government to ensure that the voices of all community members are heard and considered. This is also particularly of great important the aspirations of younger generations within the diverse communities. “You can’t be what you can’t see” – Marian Wright Eldman

3. Commitment to Accountability & Transparency: This is particularly important for ward concerns around the deafening silence of council towards best practice rooming houses issues, upcoming proposed (June2024) privatization of Aged care and home care services by the current council.

4. Support for local sporting groups and local business.

What is your campaign budget? 2,000

Who are your campaign donors? How much have each contributed?

As per my last campaign in 2020, I remain committed to not accepting outside donations from corporations, real estate developers, businesses, and any donations with a conflict of interest, thus only took donations from family and friends only

What councillors, ex-councillors, MPs or ex-MPs have assisted or advised your campaign?

When I ran in Yarraman Ward in 2020 I was advised and encouraged by Former Mayor and Councillor Roz Blades AM, Cr Jim Memetti, Cr Sean O’Reilly. On this current campaign I have been in contact with Jim Memetti, Rhonda Garad amongst others.

Who will you direct your preferences to?

No preferential deals, Happy for the local residents to make their independent informed choices based on candidate policies. Hope they can also judge on candidate merit and not party support or affiliations.


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