Meet the Yarraman Ward candidate – THAY-HORN YIM

Thay-Horn Yim, ALP


Suburb of residence: Dandenong

How long have you lived in Greater Dandenong? Over 25 years

Political party (past or present): ALP

Occupation, business/employer name: Professional Senior Immigration Advisor, over 25 yrs

Property interests: have properties in the city

Business interests: Yim Migration Service

Three most important issues for your ward (in 50 words or less)?

Upgrading Council civic facilities including neighbourhood safety and environment, such as street safety, rubbish removal, cleaning-graffiti, repairing roads, parks, footpaths and youth services. I will oppose any privatisation of vital Council services like aged and home care. It’s time for a real independent voice with a fresh approach.

Describe your involvement in the local community (in 50 words or less):

My extensive volunteer work spans 25 years, contributing to school councils. I am a member of the Dandenong West Community Action Group and focused on improving community safety. Looking to promote sporting activities in our community, I am a sponsor of the Dandenong West Cricket Club. Over the years, I have participated many social multicultural activities in the city such as Crime Prevention Forum, Interfaith Network, Israel/Palestine Peace Pray at the Harmony Squares, temples and churches.

Why are you standing for election?

My wife and I who have raised four children have lived in the Greater Dandenong for over 25 years. I pledge to address resident’s concerns and work towards improving the beauty, cleanliness, and safety of our city. I am your real independent voice on the Council.

What is your campaign budget? I don’t know yet.

Who are your campaign donors? How much have each contributed? I don’t have any donors at this time.

What councillors, ex-councillors, MPs or ex-MPs have assisted or advised your campaign? I have received many suggestions from various experts in the field and I am grateful of advice.

Who will you direct your preferences to? I would ask electors to vote [1] for Yim, Thay-Horn. As for [2], [3], [4] …, I would ask electors please consider who will be best to represent Yarraman if they cannot vote [1] for Yim, Thay-Horn.


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