Calvary Hallam to cease operations

Calvary Hallam. Picture: Supplied

Residential aged care home Calvary Hallam will cease operations by October 2024 as Calvary assesses the future use of the site to deliver modern connected care across its services.

Calvary considered modernising the existing building design but determined such extensive work was not practical for the staff and residents, who would have had to relocate throughout the process.

Calvary Hallam is an older residential aged care home, and while maintenance works have been undertaken to address immediate issues, the infrastructure style is believed to be unable to support contemporary aged care services into the future without a major renovation.

“These decisions are not made lightly, but we believe the closure offers better long-term outcomes for our residents and a stable work environment for staff compared with any temporary relocation,” Calvary regional chief executive Victoria Dr Angela Littleford said.

“To be able to grow, and provide care for an increasing number of people, Calvary must ensure our existing services are operating well, and enhance our service delivery with access to pathways that help to connect care services.”

Calvary will support the transition of all 39 residents to homes with better amenities across the Calvary network, or to another aged care provider if residents choose.

Calvary Hallam staff will be offered redeployment opportunities where suitable across Calvary’s other Victorian homes.

Calvary is providing pastoral care support to all our residents and staff during this period.