Abby’s netball brilliance

Abby Curtis is representing Victoria this week. 188256 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

By Hayley Wildes

Berwick Primary School student Abby Curtis loves her netball and, at just 12 years of age, she’s already leading from the front and achieving goals along the way.

Abby was selected to represent Victoria at the 2018 Indoor Netball Federation of Australia (INFA) Junior Nationals, which kicked off over the weekend on the Gold Coast.

The week-long tournament, which will see Abby and her teammates compete in at least 15 games of netball, is a competition of the best of the best. Teams from Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria will be battling it out for national bragging rights.

Whilst being selected to the Under 12s Indoor Sport Victoria (ISV) netball squad is impressive enough, Abby was also named captain of the team.

“I’m pretty excited to be representing Victoria and I think it’s a very good opportunity,” Abby said.

“I like leading the team – I think it’s nice to do that role.”

Abby’s love for netball came about when she filled in for a team and it’s fair to say she hasn’t looked back since.

“I’ve been playing netball for two years,” she said.

“I started playing when I filled in for a team, then I started to love the sport and now I just play it all the time.

“I think the team spirit and just the whole game in general keeps me going.”

The highly-talented mid-court player is quick and smart on the court – just ask her opponents in the SEFNL Under 13 White competition. While playing for, and captaining, her Berwick team, Abby simply dominated the league and was awarded the SEFNL Under 13 White best and fairest, accumulating 31 votes.

“We went pretty well,” she said of her season with Berwick.

“We came fourth in total and went to the semi-finals. I really liked it.”

As well as playing for Berwick, Abby also spends time with the Gippsland Storm as a training partner and she credits that program for helping her tremendously.

“I love the Storm,” she said.

“It’s been my first year with the Gippsland Storm and I think it’s probably the best club I’ve been to.”

Abby also sees her Mum and other coaches as great mentors too.

“My Mum has really helped me – she has coached my Beaconsfield team and she’s always helping and supporting me,” she said.

“Greg and Jade Heinrich from Inspire Sports Group have been huge too – we train each week for an hour.”

When asked what she sees as setting herself apart from her opponents, Abby highlights two aspects of her game.

“I think my vision down the court and my communication,” she said.

With talent and commitment to match, Abby Curtis’ rise up the netball ranks is a journey you’ll absolutely want to keep an eye on.