Farm springs with new life

A three-week-old goat kids around on the seesaw. 250804_02 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS


A bouncing bevy of Spring-time newborns are showing that life goes on at Myuna Farm.

The popular farm at Doveton is closed to the public during the pandemic but its stables and paddocks are teeming with goat kids, ducklings, emu chicks and lambs.

Farm programs officer Kate Wilson said two sets of triplets were born within hours on 22 August.

“One (was) to Mona our Saanen dairy goat and a few hours later, Mona’s mum Sugar, gave birth to another set of triplets.

“Soon after, our male emu, who had been sitting on a clutch of eggs for over 60 days, welcomed two emu chicks to add to our growing brood.”

The farm has been featuring its newborns on its Facebook page.

Its volunteers have also been busy cleaning paddocks, maintaining buildings and caring for the animals.