Drummer’s paddock percussion passion

Daniel Van Horrsen drumming in Endeavour Hills. 175438 Picture: GARY SISSONS

By Casey Neill

An Endeavour Hills paddock isn’t the usual place to find a drummer smashing out beats behind a full drum kit.
But Daniel Van Horrsen gets out and about to practice his skills a couple of times a week.
Journal Star photographer Gary Sissons spotted the muso at work off Power Road one sunny November afternoon and stopped to take a few shots.
“I’m a session musician and a sound engineer so my profession is playing music,” he explained later.
“I don’t currently have a space to rehearse.
“I live with my grandfather who doesn’t appreciate the noise and neither do his neighbours.”
Mr Van Horrsen lives in Endeavour Hills and has brainstormed a few local places to play.
“That one was a nice little shady spot between a couple of trees,” he said.
“There are lots of people tooting as they drive past.
“Some people stop and they have a chat.
“I’ve actually picked up a few jobs.”
He used to teach music as well and recently reunited with a former student as he drove past.
“I’m going to start teaching him again,” he said.
Mr Van Horrsen said he didn’t have his own transport.
“I’m pretty fortunate that a friend I work with, he’s away at the moment so I’m able to use his van to get around,” he said.
“Sometimes I can use a friend’s ute.
“I take up every chance I can to go and set up.”
It generally takes him about half an hour to set up the kit and 20 minutes to pack it down.
He spends every moment in between hard at work, “until the sun goes down”.
“It’s to stay tight on the drums, really,” he said.
“If I don’t get on the drums at least once or twice a week I’ll embarrass myself when I go into the studio with them.”

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