Footpath parking plea

A photograph Napoleon Burnell sent on to the Casey council.

By Casey Neill

Drivers parking on a Hallam footpath are putting pedestrians in danger, says one resident.
Napoleon Burnell contacted the Journal News after becoming frustrated with responses he received from the City of Casey about the issue in Sigvard Boulevard.
“Your council is very good at self-promotion but not particularly engaging when rate payers want the council to do something,” he said in a scathing email.
“Is there anyone home at Casey council?”
Mr Burnell said the one particular vehicle was parked on the footpath every night.
“You can’t get past and because of other cars on the nature strip, pedestrians and mothers with prams have to venture into the road,” he said.
“I don’t particularly have an issue considering parking on nature strips on narrow streets but completely obstructing the footpath? The only thing worse is a council that does nothing.
“There is no pavement on the other side of the road so whilst any pedestrian, elderly or wheelchair-user is in the road circumventing the pavement obstruction, they are in a very dangerous situation when vans come down the street and have to hope they can run quick enough.”
He said contacting the council had been “ineffective” and questioned whether they were “waiting for a child to be killed”.
Mr Burnell said council parking wardens were “overzealous” with “parking enforcement of low-hanging fruit around Casey ARC and Bunjil” but did nothing about the “illegal and dangerous parking” he reported.
City of Casey safer communities manager Caroline Bell said the council’s local laws officers patrolled the area on six occasions, including early morning, evenings and weekend.
“No offences were detected, however, patrols will continue,” she said.
Ms Bell said the penalty for parking or blocking a footpath under the Road Rules was $95.
“Council takes such matters seriously and encourages residents to contact Customer Service on 9705 5200 to report any parking related matters,” she said.

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