Plea to cut Hallam rat run

Jamil Sarweh and Phillip Romari with other local residents. 176301 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

By Casey Neill

Hallam residents are calling for help to discourage drivers from using their street as a cut-through.
Phillip Romari said that the City of Casey installed speed humps on Hinrichsen Drive two years ago.
He said that drivers starting using Cheshunt Drive as an alternative route to access Hallam South Road.
“I warned them about this but they didn’t listen,” he said.
“Our traffic went up 120 per cent over night.”
A traffic survey taken during the week of 11 November recorded a weekly average of 1155 vehicles per day using the street.
The data found that 85 per cent of drivers were travelling at 59.8 kilometres per hour.
Mr Romari said cars cutting through the street regularly woke him up at 5am. He moved in 20 years ago.
“We went there because it was a quiet street,” he said.
“Nobody in our street wants speed humps.
“Nobody in any street wants speed humps.
“We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s inevitable.
“There’s going to be an accident.”
He said residents even suggested blocking the street in the middle to stop through-traffic.
On 12 December, Narre Warren North MP Luke Donnellan highlighted the issue in State Parliament.
He said he welcomed the Hinrichsen Drive speed humps but that something now needed to be done to help Chesthunt Drive.
“The amount of traffic and its speed in travelling through Cheshunt Drive pose a real risk to the safety and amenity of the community,” he said.
Mr Donnellan said residents had presented a petition to the council asking for traffic calming measures.
“To date the council has refused to take action on this very important local safety issue,” he said.
“I have assisted local residents in preparing a second petition which I am going to send to their local ward councillors.”
The council’s acting city design and construction manager, Rajah Jesurajah, said a recent survey of traffic on Cheshunt Drive showed levels typical of local access roads.
“And the volume is well within the range of what this type of road can typically accommodate,” he said.
“Council has not identified Cheshunt Drive as a priority for traffic calming devices, however traffic conditions will continue to be monitored through the council’s Local Traffic Management Program.
“Council urges residents who witness unsafe driving to call Victoria Police.”

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