Finding purpose post-addiction

Glenn Munso. 135548 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

By Casey Neill

 Glenn Munso says his new book will help former drug addicts to rebuild their lives.
The Cranbourne personal trainer behind Hallam’s Youth YOU Program turned to his own history with drug abuse to write I Quit Drugs Now What.
“I stopped drugs but I still felt depressed, I still felt anxious,” he said.
“I hadn’t fully healed within.
“I hadn’t added value or purpose within my life.”
He launched the book on Saturday 27 January and said it was already selling well.
“It talks about a stage of recovery that people do go through,” Mr Munso said.
“It’s to help people find that purpose back in their life, so that they’re not going back down the path of relapsing and back into that cycle of drugs.”
He said it could help them to align their values with their actions and environment.
“They’re sort of lost because they have no purpose, they have no identity,” he said.
Mr Munso said readers could learn how to heal and move on from relationships and actions in their past.
Last year he released Drugs Do Not Discriminate and toured the country to promote it, share his story and hear from others.
“We had really good feedback from the first book,” he said.
“I spoke to a lot of leaders who overcame their drug addiction.
“They never relapsed, they never went back.
“They changed their identity, they stopped being a drug addict.”
Their stories also helped to shape his latest release.
“This year we’re definitely going to be touring all around Australia again,” he said.
The Youth YOU Program involves gym sessions and mentoring, plus online advice for addicts and their loved ones.
Visit for more information.

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