Trilagy’s finding fans

Trilagy in a Dandenong recording studio. 178211 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

By Casey Neill

A Hallam singer-songwriter-producer’s debut EP is “blowing up online”.
Terence, AKA Trilagy, launched five-track release Where I’m At at the Lions Club summer festival at Burden Park, Springvale South, on Saturday 17 February.
“As Trilagy it’s my first EP,” he said.
“I’ve had a lot of singles and things of that nature but…I haven’t had one body of work with several tracks.
“I’ve had a lot of positive feedback.
“I get a lot of inboxes on Instagram and Facebook.
“People are loving it so far, as far as I can tell.”
He said his writing process was usually very quick, “but I took a bit more time with this”.
“It developed over five to six months I would say,” he said.
“I did other things on the side, and work.
“I was taking my time and I was coming back to it.”
Trilagy hopes to produce more music with an RNB flavour and play more shows.
“I’ve always just wanted my music to get to a bigger audience,” he said.
“You have to continue to grind.
“Until you crack a certain plateau, people just aren’t going to hear about you.”
He was born in the UK to Mauritian parents before moving to Australia.
“My mum was a singer back in Mauritius,” he said.
“We always just had music around.
“I think just being influenced by Michael Jackson and Prince and artists like that, I started writing at 10, 11 years old.
“I used to write stories at school and stuff too.”
He sees this as his third phase as an artist, “like a third instalment of a movie”, hence the name Trilagy.
“I was bored with Terence. It just sort of came about,” he said.
He hopes the EP will lead him onto an album.
“I’m happy plugging away at it as a hobby,” he said.
Visit to listen.

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