Rescue pony enjoys second chance

Olivia with Elishia on board and instructor Barbara Caulfield. 193286_06 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

By Cam Lucadou-Wells

A rescued Welsh pony has got a ‘second life’ as a popular figure at Riding Develops Abilities (RDA) Doveton.

Late last year, Olivia had been saved from a neglectful home by RSPCA and passed on for months of rehabilitation with Project Hope.

The charity then offered her to the RDA, where she is the horse of choice for eight young special-needs riders.

RDA Doveton coach Barbara Caulfield said it was rare for them to gain a horse of such small stature.

Apparently, Olivia quickly established herself as the ‘boss’ among taller horses in the RDA paddock.

She is also known to be fond of her own collection of ‘soft toys’.

“From day one, she’s taken to it like a fish to water. She’s been happy to work, she’s been really great.

“Kids love her because she’s got that princess-pony look.”