Moo-ving pictures

Hallam Primary students Noah, Lara, Jasel, Asenath and Shiv with Mrs Cowington III. 195989_01 Picture: ELLA HANNAY


Students at Hallam Primary School have made a cow their canvas as part of a Picasso Cows program.

Their painting of a large fibreglass cow, dubbed Mrs Cowington III, shows the journey of milk from farm to fridge.

It was an element of a Dairy Australia course that also taught students on nutrition and the impact of drought on food supplies.

Spokesperson Vanessa Forrest said the Farm to Plate curriculum provided insight into the $13 billion Australian dairy industry.

“With many children increasingly growing up in urban areas, they often don’t know where their food

comes from and Picasso Cows is a great opportunity to educate the next generation.”