Rail bridge takes form

Concrete beams were lowered to form a rail bridge over Hallam Road on 9 September.


Massive concrete beams were being lifted into place as part of the rail bridge built across Hallam Road in Hallam.

The 27-metre, 130-tonne beams were hoisted using a 650-tonne crane during Level Crossing Removal Project works at Hallam station on Thursday 9 September.

In all, 60 beams will complete the 394-metre rail bridge – a total of 13,500 tonnes.

The beams made by NVC Precast in Kilmore were transported to site by Bayswater trucking company Hi-Haul during the night.

Meanwhile the under-construction railway station is taking shape, with 12 Super-Ts installed at the foundations.

The dual-entrance, elevated station will serve 2200 passengers a day, with improved links for pedestrians and cyclists.

The project is continuing under strict COVIDSafe plans, having been deemed as critical by the Chief Health Officer.

Works on removing the level crossing are expected to finish in 2022.